You Need A Cubicle Today

Commercial designs for cubicle walls are getting more flexible. There are designs and materials for any range of budget or size. In the past, most cubicle designs are purposed for one worker only per cubicle but with the growing trend of open, collaborative spaces, some offices are on the lookout for cubicle furniture designs (aka modular wall systems) that are meant for teams. Those designs marry the relative need for privacy, as well as the advantages of open, collaborative spaces.


Although low walls allow for the relatively freer working environment, there are still some teams that would like to have lesser encumbrances in their interactions. That is why they prefer cubicle designs that allow for several people to work with each other within one space. The usual cubicle partition wall system designs still allow for relative separation. Those working in teams would prefer to take that out altogether (especially teams that work in load environments such as house loans industry). However, cubicle walls are still needed within an office as there are usually several teams within an office. The cubicle walls, then, are just used to separate teams from each other instead of simply separating one worker from another. The walls even keep the smoke from pipes restrained.

The two elements of office cubicles are usually the walls and the work desk. With cubicle designs that allow for several to work with other people together, the work desk is usually replaced with a bigger conference-like table that allows people to sit just next to each other. Other office furniture like filing cabinets and other storage elements are designed with wheels to allow their users to move them around at will.