Office Mates

Understanding Your Office Mates

I know there are a lot of people out there who are looking for a job. They are not just looking for a job they are looking for the right job that will suit their needs and help them grow and will also be the answer to their problems and all the frustrations that they face. They are also looking to be the right person in the right cubicle. I think this is a noble thing to try to figure out. I mean, in an interview they are often the type of people who are sitting there and say the right thing and they are also the person who can honestly be the ones who are here for the right reasons and are here so that they can be heard. Being in a cubicle is not an easy thing. It is something that can be done, but not that many people like being there. The problem is that you have no privacy and your phone conversations can and will be overheard by everyone. Also, if someone comes to your cubicle and you are not facing them they will be able to see your computer and they will for sure be able to see what you are doing especially if you are not doing work and if you are checking sports scores or something. So it is a pain to be in a cubicle, but everyone starts there and you have to know that you will eventually move around and move up. You just have to be patient. I know that I need to be where I am for about 2 or 3 years and then I need to be able to move on. Or maybe not move on but move forward and think about cubicle walls.